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Liquid Colorants

Order water-based colorant in your choice of seven colors.

Carbon Black

Available in Super Sacks

Iron Oxide Pigments

Available in Super Sacks

Economical & Premium Grades Available to Meet Your Specific Needs

Mulch colorant can make all the difference between an ordinary landscape and an extraordinary one. Our clients often order...

  • Dark walnut brown or chocolate brown, to achieve a natural look
  • Black or premium black, to add a luxe touch to landscapes
  • Cherry brown or red, to make greenery stand out

Contact our team in Morrisville, PA today to order mulch colorant in your preferred shades.

Samples Available Upon Request.

Mulch Colorant Needn't Cost a Fortune

When you want to cut costs without sacrificing quality, turn to Britton Industries. Our modern manufacturing facility produces eco-friendly liquid colorants in a wide range of colors - all at a competitive price.


With 30 years experience in wood recycling, pioneering state-of-the-art manufacturing and latest in coatings technology, we are proud to provide the highest quality mulch colorants to the industry. From our thorough understanding of the challenges within processing various types of wood fibers, we provide customers with the ability to improve their competitive edge, decrease manufacturing costs and enhance the quality of their finished mulch products. Our long lasting, rich, and vibrant colorants will create mulch products that you and your customers will love.


Our water-based colorant will not generate any harmful environmental effects. It is non-hazardous to human, plant and animal life.


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