At Britton Industries, we make an environmentally focused effort to reduce waste and promote the goal of sustainability; protecting natural resources for future generations.

Many schools have zero waste goals and offer a variety of recycling programs that reduce negative environmental impacts and promote environmental stewardship. Britton can offer you a highly efficient ecological program while providing an outlet to divert waste from landfills and produce superior quality 100% recycled materials.

As regulations tighten, the demand for our IPEMA certified and ADA compliant playground mulch has grown exponentially. Our playground mulch is produced from 100% virgin wood chips and contains no chemicals or artificial additives. We also provide Organic Premium Dyed Mulches, Custom Soil Blends, and Aggregates

In addition, we offer On-site grinding and Roll-Off Container services which provide rapid results for managing yard waste on campus. Birtton creates 100% recylced products from this vegetative debris, offering a catalog of finished materials for campus use.

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