color enhanced
Manufactured by grinding and blending select hardwoods with our long-lasting, vibrant, and environmentally safe colorants. Choose from a variety of colors, including; black, red, cherry brown, chocolate brown, or gold.
Our triple-ground organic root mulch is aged to a darker, richer, and finer texture than most hardwood mulches. This allows it to spread easily providing beautiful color, moisture retention, and weed suppression.
ipema certified playground
When it comes to children, peace of mind is most important. This is why we have ensured our product is the safest on the market. Our playground mulch meets all IPEMA requirements and is ASTM 1292, ASTM 2075, and ASTM F3351 certified.
Grind, screen, grind, Color, Grind.

We invest in our company, to ensure that yours is successful.

our process


Our horizontal grinder reduces the raw wood, that is brought into our recycling facilities, into a condensed first-ground material.


The first ground material is then transferred to a screener to remove any unwanted particles and dirt.  


Following the screening, they are transferred to an electric tub grinder to bring the material down to size to prepare for colorant. 


If we are producing one of our color-enhanced mulches, the colorant is applied before the third grind.


Material is processed once again through a tertiary mill, creating a high-quality, triple-ground product that is unlike anything else available on the market.

the result

our products

They look even better in person.

All of our high-quality mulches are available in bulk and by the pallet. Pick-up at one of our locations or get it delivered, convenience for our customers is what we strive for.
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color enhanced mulch
Our premium dyed mulches are manufactured by grinding and blending select hardwoods with our own long-lasting, and environmentally friendly colorants.
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premium natural mulch
All of our natural mulches are produced from a variety of clean hardwoods that are aged to a beautiful, rich color. This aging process creates a product that spreads easily and provides a beautiful, natural look to any landscape.
Playground IPEMA Web version
IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch

100% Clean Material

Our playground mulch is produced from 100% clean wood chips and contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients. Your safety considerations are our top priority, so we make sure our engineered wood fiber is the safest on the market.

Highest Quality

Our playground mulch meets all IPEMA requirements and is ASTM 1292, ASTM 2075, and ASTM F3351 certified.

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