IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch

Britton Industries manufactures the highest quality playground mulch providing fall protection and inclusion for your open spaces.

How It Works?

When playground mulch is set, the finer wood chips fall to the bottom and create a soft bedding for the larger pieces on top. This natural layering provides buoyancy that cushions the impact of a fall and ensures quick drying.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Playground mulch is produced from 100% organic virgin wood chips and contains no chemicals or artificial additives.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Using strict quality control standards, our engineered wood fiber is the safest on the market. Our EWF meets all IPEMA requirements and is ASTM 1292, ASTM 2075 certified and ASTM F1951 (ADA) compliant.

Your investment in our IPEMA certified playground mulch is an investment in the safety of your spaces and your commitment to ecological choices for your community.

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