Place a Bulk Order Through Britton Industries - Colorant Division of Morrisville, PA

Searching for Dry Pigment for Mulch?

Mulch dry pigment is colorant that can be sprinkled onto wood fibers to turn them a desired shade. If you're searching for dry pigment for mulch, you've come to the right supplier in Morrisville, PA. Britton Industries - Colorant Division has been serving clients along the Eastern Seaboard for over 30 years.

Our dry pigments come in super sacks and are available in...

  • Black - made with N-grade carbon black
  • Red - made with iron oxide red 110

If you're based in the Morrisville, PA area, we can deliver your order to your location. Otherwise, we'll ship our dry pigment for mulch. Reach out today to request a quote.