Setting a New Standard For Mulch Colorant

With safety and precision at the forefront of every decision, we have ensured the formula we have created will result in the most desired end result. It is also safety-tested to help protect children, pets, and garden plants. 
Mulch Colorant Distribution Advantage
distribution advantage
Centrally located in eastern Pennsylvania, our distribution center employs a company-owned fleet for delivery as well as national carriers for all regions east of the Mississippi.
modern manufacturing
Our electronically controlled batching process utilizes the latest in coating technology to ensure proven consistency tote after tote.
Modern Manufacturing
Mulch Colorant that is guaranteed to last
guaranteed to last
Manufactured with superior-grade binders and pigments, providing vivid color that is guaranteed to last. 

our products

Each Product Was Manufactured with You in Mind.

We are committed to helping our customers gain control of their manufacturing process and improve their margins by creating a product that will impress customers, every single time.

liquid colorant

With our 35 years of experience in the mulch manufacturing industry, we understand the importance of the bottom line and how a mulch colorant can make or break your customer retention. We have done endless testing to create a superior formulation to ensure our mulch dye creates a rich, uniform, and resilient product that delivers the highest quality to you. Our diverse range of liquid colorants is formulated to adhere to the most stubborn of wood fibers. 

available colors:

BLACK (Premium + Economy)
chocolate brown
dark walnut

dry pigment

When looking for a manufacturer, ensuring you are receiving top-of-the-line pigment is key. It will make or break your end result. With our mulch manufacturing background, we formulate and test our products firsthand to confirm you are receiving a product that will give you the best result, every time. 

Industry Grade 2000 lb Super Sacks

iron oxide

MSDS Certifications For Our Mulch Colorant

Long Lasting. Vibrant. Environmentally Safe.

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