Many of us ask ourselves which application method is better. More efficient? Easier? To buy it in bags or purchase mulch in bulk? While we have been a bulk manufacturer for 30+ years, we're here to give our audience the thoroughness they deserve. In other words, we're going to play devil's advocate here. So we've done extensive research for both application methods to see which one is truly superior. To conduct the survey properly, let's list the pros and cons of each application.

Bulk Mulch



If you're using 2 cubic foot bags, it takes 13.5 bags to equal one (1) cubic yard.
1 cubic yard of mulch= $19.95
13 bags= $32.50 ($2.50 each).


Bulk much, is for the most part, newer than bagged. Our bulk material is ground and then sold, where bagged products can sit for up to a year.


When you purchase bulk material, the entire batch looks the same for the most part.



Bulk mulch is less convenient to transport to garden beds as you will need to move it by wheelbarrow. 


Bulk mulch needs to be hauled in a pick-up truck or commercial vehicle. You also need a big empty space to drop it.

Hard to Quantify

It's hard to look at a pile of bulk mulch and tell how many yards are there. Some of our most seasoned veterans can't even do it.


Bagged Mulch



As bagged products are lightweight and compact, it allows you to move them around the job site easier and without the mess. 


If you don't have access to a pick-up truck or commercial vehicle, you can still grab a couple of bags and complete the job!


If you buy more than you need, the mulch won't fade or go to waste. You can always save the bagged material for later use or another job. If you leave it on a driveway, you don't have to worry about laying a tarp.



Bagged mulch is more expensive, which can make it impractical to use on larger landscape jobs.                   

Plastic Waste

Being in a bag makes the clean-up a bit more difficult. You must ensure that all bags are cleaned up and disposed of properly.


Each bag of material might slightly vary in color, resulting in your landscape not matching perfectly. There might be different raw materials used or might have come from a different manufacturing yard. 

the results you have all been waiting for...

So which is truly better?

I know this isn't the answer you were quite looking for, but after much debate and customer input, it all comes down to circumstances.

It depends on your business equipment, the grading of the property, and the size of the project. If you're a mulch-blowing company, it's way more efficient to buy bulk because you can't fill your blower with bags. If the job has a slope on it, it's much easier to carry bags up the slope than try and push a wheelbarrow to lay bulk product. 

Whichever route you decide to take, Britton Industries is a trusted mulch manufacturer that has both bulk and bagged material available. Visit our mulch page to see all of your options. 



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